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Page 61

     (3d) Arletta Johnson, of Milford, Ct. No issue by 1st

     w. By 2d w had

  511 HARRY MILTON, b 23 June, 1859. Now living at Westfield,


  512+RALPH TIMMERMAN, b 24 Mar, 1861, at Wabash, Ind. Now

       (1899) living at New Haven, Ct.

  513+WILLIAM VICTOR, b 22 Aug, 1868, at Victor, N. Y. Now living

       at Hartford, Ct.


      By 3d w had

  514 REUBEN HOLLAND, b 7 Oct, 1877, at Orange, Ct., and lives at

       Milford. He m, 11 May, 1898, at Waitsfield, Vt., a dau of

       John J. Chase. She b 19 Aug, 1876.


512 RALPH T., of New Haven (462Henry G.), m (1st), 10

     Mar, 1887, Martha D., dau of Herman Buman, of New

     Haven. She b 1 June, 1865; d 17 Feb, 1891. He m

     (2d) 1 May, 1894, Elizabeth McH. Leeds, of Glasgow,

     Scotland. By 1st w had

  515 CAROLINE S., b 16 Dec, 1887.

  516 GRACE M., b 21 July, 1889.


      By second w had

  517 RALPH C., b 20 Feb, 1898.


513 WILLIAM V., of Hartford (462Henry G.), m 15 Aug, 1888,

     Delilah, dau of Russel H. Carpenter, of Potsdam, N.

     Y. She b 1 Dec, 1870, at Herman, N. Y. Had

  518 VICTOR, b 13 Apl, 1893.


451 ASA BURTON, of Ashburnham, Ont. (437Cushman),

     b at Thetford, 26 Mar, 1799. Rem to Peterboro,

     Ont.; m Caroline, dau of Ebenezer Smith, of Hartford,

     16 Sept, 1820. Had

  519+JOSEPH NEWTON, b 23 Sept, 1823, at Truxton, Cortland Co, N. Y.

        Rem to Peterboro, Ont.

  520+GEORGE TAYLOR, b 3 June, 1825, at Truxton; d at Painesville, O.,

       2 April, 1859.


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Page 62

  521 ELIZA W., b 8 Nov, 1828, at Hope, Ont.; m Archibald K. McDonald,

       of Peterboro, Ont., 30 July, 1845. Shed at Cleveland,

       O., 6th May, 1884. Had Joseph N. and Asa B.; both rem to

       Denver, Colo.

  522+WILLIAM C., b at Peterboro, Ont., 26 June, 1834; d 1 Mar, 1888.

  523+ASA B., b at Peterboro, Ont., 10 May, 1838.

  524+LEWIS S., b 14 May, 1844.


519 JOSEPH N., of Peterboro, Ont. (451Asa B.), m 16 Jan,

     1851, Sarah Louisa, dau of Capt. Terrence Kennedy

     of Hudson, N. Y. She b at Saratoga Springs, N. Y.,

     21 Mar, 1828; d at Auburn, N. Y., 31 Jan, 1895. Had

  (???) EDWARD N., b at Peterboro, 1 May, 1852; d. y.

  525+BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, b at Peterboro, 17 Apl, 1853. Rem to

       Cleveland and later to Painesville, O., and now lives at

       Cincinnati. 526+FREDERICK K., b at Painesville. O., 29 Nov,

       1857. Rem to Auburn, N. Y.

  527 GEORGE B. and Newton W. (twins), b 12 Nov, 1855; both d. y.


520 GEORGE T. (451Asa B.), m 22 May. 1854, Harriet L.

     Thornton of Pelham, Ont. She d at Painesville, 2 Apl,

     1859. Had

  528 GEORGE, b at Cleveland.

  529 CHARLES, adopted by (???) Searles of Madison, Lake Co, Ohio.


522 WILLIAM C., of Peterboro, Ont. (451Asa B.), m Mary

     A., dau of John Mitchell of Ashburnham, Ont. Had

  530 CAROLINE A., b 30 June, 1861; m 3 July, 1889, Thomas H. Foster,

       of North Monaghan, Ont.

  531+JOHN MITCHELL, b at Ontonabee, 2 Apl, 1863.

  532 Eliza JANE, b at Cramah, Ont., 22 Mar, 1865; m at Percy, Ont.,

        30 June, 1886., George T. Dixon, of Campbellford.

  533 ANNIE MAY, b at Cramah, 18 Aug, 1867; m 23 Oct, 1889, Alex.

       F.Melrose of Scotland. Rem to Goff's Falls, N.H. Had Freda.

  534 AGNES DELIA, b 13 Aug, 1869; m 5 June, 1895, John H. Smith

       of Ashburnham.

  535 ADELINE, b 22 Aug. 1872. Graduated 21 Oct, 1898, from the

       Bishop Memorial Training School for Nurses at Pittsfield,

       Mass., and lives there. Her picture appears on another page.

  536 ASA WILLIAM, b 5 Aug, 1875.

Page 63


523 ASA BURTON (451Asa B.), m 18 Apl, 1865, Julia, dau

     of Daniel McGrath, of Ontonabee. Had

  537 GEORGE, b at Ontonabee, 1867.

  538 CASSY, b at Peterboro, 1870.

  539 CARRIE, b at Ashburnham, 1872.

  540 ASA B., b at Ashburnham, 1876.


524 LEWIS S., of Ashburnham, Ont. (451Asa B.), m (1st)

     25 Aug, 1863, Elizabeth, dau of Roger Murray, of

     Ontonabee; she d 3 Dec, 1870; m (2d) 6 Sept, 1871,

     Catherine E., dau of Oliver Buck, of Ashburnham.

     By first w had

  541+ASA B., at Ashburnham, b 13 Mar, 1865.

  542+WILLIAM J., b 10 Mar, 1868.


      By second w had

  543 CHARLES F., b 1 Sept, 1872.

  544 OLIVER F., b 3 Jan, 1875.

  545 LEWIS S., b 18 Nov, 1879.

  546 ANNIE M., b 20 July, 1882.

  547 GEORGE W., b 2 June, 1885.

  548 HAZEL VICTORIA M., b 12 Mar, 1895.


525 BENJAMIN F., of Painesville (519Joseph N.), m 30

     Aug, 1881, Kate E., dau of Francis Frederick Thackwell,

     of Cleveland, O. Had

  549 FREDERICK N., b at Cleveland, 26 July, 1882.

  550 FRANKLIN E., b at Auburn, 12 Apl, 1885.

  551 MILDRED, b at Cleveland, 25 May, 1893.


526 FREDERICK K., of Auburn, N. Y. (519Joseph N.), m 23

     Nov, 1881, Anna M., dau of Edwin T. Donaldson, of

     Painesville, O. Had

  552 CLARICE EMILY, b at Auburn, N. Y., 30 May, 1895.


531 JOHN M. (522William C.), m 3 Dec, 1890, Clara E., dau

     of Edward Allen, of Campbellford, Ont. Had

  553 EDITH L., b 22 Feb, 1892.

Page 64


541 ASA B. (524Lewis S.), m 27 Sept, 1892, Matilda, dau of

     Martin Henry, of South Monaghan, Ont. Had

  554 WILLIAM JAMES, b 1893.

  555 NEWTON, b 1895.


542 WILLIAM J. (524Lewis S.), m 22 July, 1893, Emma,

     dau of John Welch, of Ontonabee. Had

  556 JOHN G., b 1894.

  557 MERTEL V., b 1895.


440 GARDNER, of Thetford, Vt. (167Joseph), m 28 Feb,

     1802, Mabel, dau of Roger Ranstead, of Thetford.

     She b 25 Mar, 1776; d at Thetford, 18 July, 1852.


  558 JOHN R., b June 18, 1803; d 25 Apl, 1809.

  559 HULDAH, b 2 Nov, 1804; d 11 Sept, 1807.

  560 OCTAVIA, b 29 Mar, 1806; d 17 June, 1846. She m Abel Blood,

       -- Dec, 1836, and rem to Lyme, N. H.

  561 ELVIRA, b 24 Jan, 1808; d 30 Dec, 1847. She m William Wilcox,

       -- Nov, 1834, and rem to Orford, N. H.

  562 SABRINA, b 18 Mar, 1810; d 7 Jan, 1888. She m 6 Feb, 1833,

       Thomas J. Coombs, and lived at Thetford.

  563 ARABELLA, b 29 Sept, 1811; d 13 July, 1846. She m -- Dec, 1832,

       Lyman Hinckley, and lived at Thetford.

  564 ALETHA, b 1 Apl, 1817; d 11 Aug, 1871; m in 1857, Randall

       Buzzell. Rem to Manchester, N. H.

  565+HENRY HARRISON, b 19 Apl, 1818; d 23 Sept, 1872. He lived

       and died in the old homestead of his father and grandfather.


565 HENRY HARRISON, of Thetford (440Gardner), m 4

     Feb, 1840, Susan, dau of Levi Knight, of Thetford.

     She b at Thetford, 1 Aug, 1820, d 25 Jan, 1891. Had,

     all at Thetford,

  566+WILLIAM HENRY, b 19 Jan, 1841. He is living (1899) on the

       farm and in the house built by his g g f Joseph Downer at


  567 JAMES EDGAR, b 8 Mar, 1843; d 4 May, 1869. Rem to Boston,

       Mass. He m 28 Oct, 1868, Arabella A. Babbett.

Page 65

  568 ARABELLA HINCKLEY, b 16 July, 1844; d 16 Aug, 1846.

  569 OSCAR GARDNER, b 14 Feb, 1846; d 28 July, 1847.

  570+AZRO KNIGHT, b 17 Oct, 1847; d 13 Apl, 1874. Rem to Mount

       Holly, N. J. He m 25 Dec, 1871, Rosa Queen.

  571 SAMUEL HARRISON, b 30 June, 1849; d 27 Mar, 1852.

  572 GEORGE LEONARD, b 15 Mar, 1851; d 15 Sept, 1880.

  573 SUSAN ELLEN, b 30 Nov, 1857; died 3 June, 1866.


566 WILLIAM HENRY (565Henry Harrison, of Thetford,

     Vt.), m Mary L. Stevens, 17 Feb, 1868. Had

  574 ABBIE SUSAN, b 22 July, 1870.

  575 MARY EMMA, b 18 Feb, 1872. She m G. F. Richardson, 15

       Aug, 1896.

  576 HARRIET JERUSHA, b 19 Apl, 1874.

  577 NELLIE LUCINDA, b 4 July, 1878; d Sept, 1880.

  578 GEORGE HENRY, b 10 Aug, 1880.

  579 MABEL RANSTEAD, b 18 July, 1886; d. y.

  580 FLORA HINCKLEY, b 9 Mar, 1889.


570 AZRO K., of Mt. Holly, N. J. (565 Henry Harrison), m

     25 Dec, 1871, Rosa Queen. Had

  581 SUSAN KNIGHT, b -- July, 1873.


170 JAMES, of Lebanon, Ct., and Windham (151Joseph), m

     30 April, 1761, Lois Lathrop. (Lebanon rec.) She

     d 18 July, 1813, aged 71 years. (Gager Cemetery.)


  601+JAMES, b 23 Oct, 1761. He was a soldier in the Rev. War and

       received a pension. He rem to Thetford, Vt., about 1780. He

       d 1849.

  602+URIAH, b 8 Oct, 1763; d 16 Feb, 1828, and is buried in Gager

       Cemetery, at Franklin. Lived at South Windham.

  603+SHUBEL, b in Lisbon, Ct., 1772; d at So. Windham in 1851.

  604+SYLVESTER, b at Lisbon, Ct.; d 18 Feb, 1850, aged 77.

  605 SAWYER, b 1775; d 16 Oct, 1786.

  606+ROGERS K., b 1777; d at Windham, 9 June, 1842. He was a

       physician, and lived at Columbia, Ct.

Page 66

  607 POLLY(???). She remained unm; made her home with her

       brother Sylvester, became blind before her death, and d 22

       Feb, 1843.

  608 LAVINIA; she m (???) Osbon.

  609 WEALTHY ANN, b 1769, d at Stonington, Ct., 14 Sept, 1833, aged

       64; m 23 Jan, 1790, William Stanton Frink of Stonington. He

       b 26 Apl, 1765. Had (I) William S., 17 Dec, 1790, m Sarah

       Grant and rem to Taylorsville, Ill., where he d Sept, 1887,

       he was a judge and held several public offices; (II) Fanny

       Rogers, 8 Aug, 1792, m Joshua Brown and rem to N. Y. State;

       (III) Benjamin F., 12 Aug, 1794, d unm at Matamoras, Mex.,

       in 1830; (IV) Pitts Downer, 12 Oct, 1796, m Nancy Pendleton;

       (v) Mary Ann, 12 Oct, 1798, m (1st) Gilbert Miner, m

       (2d) Samuel F. Peekham of Newport, R. I., she d 8 Aug,

       1876; (VI) Josephine, 27 Sept, 1800, m Levi H. Smith, d 29

       Nov, 1854; (VII) George W., 17 Mar, 1803, m Louisa Ladd

       of Franklin, Ct.; (VIII) Martha H., 27 Apl, 1805, d 11 Oct,

       1850, m James Avery Downer; (IX) Alexander G., 5 Apl,

       1807, m Mary Miner of Stonington, d Aug, 1880; (X) Lucretia

       M., 9 Mar, 1809, m Edward B. Young of Windham, 17 Jan,

       1836, d at Newport, R. I., 28 Dec, 1884, had Mary Josephine,

       Edward A., Augusta M., Harriet E., William B.; (XI) Harriet

       A., 6 Sept, 1811, d 18 May, 1864, m William H. Burleigh

       of Woodstock, Ct.; (XII) Lois Ann, 13 Dec, 1813, m John

       Baldwin of Windham, d in Boston, 1 Aug, 1881.

  610 CHARLOTTE, b (???). She or her sister Desire probably m (???)

       Norton and lived in Syracuse, N. Y.

  611 ACSAH, b 1788, d 7 June, 1864, aged 76. After the death of her

       sister Wealthy she m William S. Frink, husband of Wealthy;

       no issue.

  612 DESIRE (???). She or her sister Charlotte above probably m

       Stephen Hosmer and rem to Willimantic.


601 JAMES, of Thetford (170James of Lebanon and So.

     Windham, Ct.), m (1st) his cousin Deborah, dau of

     Joseph Downer, of Thetford. (It is related that he

     was so proud of his bride that he took her on a pillion

     behind him on horseback all the way back to Windham,

     to show her to his family.) M (2d) Hannah Little,

     of Boscowen, N. H. By first w had, all at Thetford,

  613 URIAH LATHROP, b 12 Jan, 1790. He m Penelope Cadwell and

       had 14 children.

Page 67

  614 JAMES HARVEY, b (???), 1791; d 15 Mar, 1793.

  615 POLLY, b 10 Dec, 1793; d 28 Sept, 1794.

  616 DIANA, b 30 May, 1795; d. y.

  617 POLLY, b 15 Jan, 1797. She m and rem to N. Y. State.

  618 ASENATH, b 19 May, 1799. She m Hasen Chamberlain. Had

       Harvey, Austin, Oramalle.

  619 JAMES HARVEY, b 18 July, 1801; d. y.

  620 DESIRE, (???); d aged 16.

      By second w had, all at Thetford,

  621 DEBORAH, b 10 Mar, 1810; m (as 2d w) at Alstead, N. H., 24

       Sept, 1837, Isaac Farnsworth. Rem to Green, Chenango Co,

       N. Y. Had Maria E., 8 June, 1838; Harlan J., 10 Aug, 1839;

       Isaac, 6 Mar, 1841; Austin, 27 Sept, 1843; Albert, 29 Sept,

       1845; Franklin, 18 July, 1848. Isaac went out as a missionary

       for the American Board.

  622 JAMES RAMSOM, b 29 Apl, 1811; d about 1881.

  623 CHARLOTTE, b 21 Dec, 1813; m in 1834, James Harris, of Lowell,

       Mass. Rem to Michigan. Had Henry H., 3 May, 1835;

       Charles, 4 Oct, 1836; Alba, 13 Jan, 1839; Solon C., 8 Aug,

       1841; Frances C., 23 Jan, 1843; Edgar P., 7 May, 1845.

  624 ACSAH, b 16 Jan, 1815. She m Alba Smith, of Windham, Ct.

       He died in Norwich, Ct.

  625 MARIAH, b 20 Nov, 1816; m William P. Moore. Rem to Worcester,


  626 MAHALA, b 10 Oct, 1818; m Newell Carr. Rem. to Warner,

       N. H., in 1853.

  627+SYLVANUS, b 10 Sept, 1820. Rem to Norwich, Ct., and was

       Chief of the fire department there. He enlisted in the 18th

       Conn. in Aug, 1862. Was with his reg at Winchester on June

       13, 14 and 15, 1863. He was taken prisoner on the latter date,

       sent to Libby Prison, where he remained three weeks, when

       he was paroled and afterwards exchanged. He rejoined his

       reg, and was promoted to be Color Sergeant. Was ordered

       to Martinsburg, and was in service in the Shenandoah Valley.

       During the months of June and July, 1864, his reg is reported

       to have marched 1,100 miles, and during the year 1,300 miles.

       He participated in six engagements, viz., New Market, Lynchburg,

       Snicker's Ford, Winchester, Berryville and Piedmont,

       besides being in numerous skirmishes. He was severely

       wounded at Piedmont and captured. Was sent first to Staunton,

       later to Andersonville, where he died of slow starvation,

       Nov 5, 1864. His remains were brought to Norwich and

       buried with great honor in Yantic Cemetery.

Page 68

  628 SOPHRONIA, b 11 May, 1822; m in 1846, George Savory, and rem

       in 1851 to Warner, N. H.


627 SYLVANUS, of Norwich (601James, of Thetford), m 26

     Mar, 1848, Emma E., dau of David Drummond, of

     Bath, Me. She b 26 Mar, 1828. Had

  629 WILLIAM HENRY, b at Norwich, 2d Apl, 1849; d at Boston, 26

       Sept, 1872.

  630+FRANK A., b 8 June, 1852. Rem to Providence, R. I.

  631 ADA ESTELE, b 7 Sept, 1860; m 24 Mar, 1898, David N. Lathrop,

       of Norwich, and rem to Jersey City, N. J.


630 FRANK A., of Providence (627Sylvanus), m Marietta

     Wood, of Norwich. Had

  632 SUSAN, b at Hartford, Ct., 4 Sept, 1882.

      Also 4 others; d. y.


602 URIAH (170James, of South Windham), m Asenath Morgan.

     She d -- Dec, 1848, aged 81 years, and is buried

     in the Gager Cemetery at Franklin. She had a brother,

     Elisha. Had

  633 DUDSON, b at Lebanon in 1803; d at Lebanon, 1 June, 1856. He

       m (1st) 19 Nov, 1840, Sophia Scott, who d 12 Mar. 1848, in

       44th year; m (2d) 1 Feb, 1852, Celinda, dau of John Moulton,

       of Windham. She b 29 Dec, 1807, and d in Scotland, Ct., 18

       Jan, 1885. Affer his death she m, 21 Oct, 1861, James H.

       Kingsley, of Scotland. No issue by either w.

  634 SYDNEY, b in 1806; d 7 Mar, 1809.

  635 SYDNEY (2d), b at Lebanon, 30 Mar, 1809; d 1 Dec, 1882. He

       lived in the old Joseph Downer homestead at Williams' Crossing,

       partly in Lebanon, Franklin, South Windham. He m

       widow Howard, nee Jane E., dau of Harry Newcombe, of

       Scotland, Ct.

  636 MARY, b (???); d 22 Feb, 1843; lies buried in the Gager

       Cemetery at Franklin, and was unm.


603 SHUBEL (170James), m in 1799, Bridget, dau of Simeon

     Palmer, of South Stonington. She b 1778. She d

     South Windham Nov 11, 1857. Had

  637+SIMEON PALMER, b at Lisbon, Ct., 10 Jan, 1802; d at Columbia,

       Ct., 21 Feb, 1899.

Page 69

  638 JAMES, b 11 Dec, 1803; d 26 Dec, 1808.

  639+JAMES AVERY, b at Lisbon, 17 June, 1806. Rem to Windham,

       where he was, first, a lieutenant and later a captain of a

       militia artillery company. He was a wagon maker by trade, and

       d at New London, 14 May, 1870.

  640 MARY ADELINE, b at Windham, 11 June, 1809; d unm 30 Mar,


  641 LAVINIA, b at Windham, 6 Apl, 1812; d unm 9 Mar, 1879.

  642 HORACE, b at Windham, 10 Mar, 1815. Still living there (1899),


  643 THANKFUL LOUISE, b(???), 1818, d at Roxbury, Mass., 12 Oct.,

       1847. She m Rev. John Brooks, of Roxbury. Had Mary

       Louise and Adelaide; both d. y.

  644 JOSEPH N., b 1818; d unm at Windham, 12 May, 1891, aged 73.


604 SYLVESTER, of Lebanon (170 James), m 26 Nov, 1799

     at Franklin, Ct., Anna Sheffield. She b 1781; d at

     Franklin, 14 Sept, 1850. Had, all at Franklin,

  645 FENNO, b 9 May, 1804. Was a doctor, and rem to New Orleans,

       and probably died there.

  646 SABRINA, b 12 June, 1806; m Leonard Dart, of New London, 30

       Oct, 1831; her name, found at Franklin, is Ellen S. A.

  647 SAMUEL FRANKLIN, b 7 May, 1815; d unm 10 Mar, 1851.


606 DR. ROGERS (170James), m Anna, dau of Oliver Kinney,

     of Windham. She b 1780; d 19 July, 1852. Had,

     all at Columbia, Ct.,

  648 MARCIA, b 12 Mar, 1805; d 5 Nov, 1868. She m -- Mar, 1824,

       George Wright, of Columbia, Ct. Had Emily A., 7 July, 1825,

       d 25 Jan, 1842; Elizabeth J., 5 May, 1827, d 29 Jan, 1891

       Charles H., 18 Apl, 1834, d 11 Dec, 1878; Emily A. (2d),

       Feb, 1842. She m M. Winslow Little, 15 Nov, 1869.

  649 ELIZA, b 27 Feb, 1803; d 30, Apl, 1882. She m Benjamin

       Hartshorne, of Columbia; no issue.

  650 MELVINA, b 19 Feb, 1809; d 4 May, 1890; m John B. Ticknor, of

       Columbia. Had Daniel P.

  651+WILLARD HOSMER (twin), b 31 Dec, 1815. Rem to Warners. N.

       Y., in 1833, and to Baldwinsville, N. Y., in 1845, and d there,

       15 May, 1887.

Page 70

  652+WILLIAM (twin), b 31 Dec, 1815; d at Columbia, 26 Apl, 1892.

  653 EMILY K, b (???); d 13 Oct, 1824.


651 WILLARD HOSMER, of Baldwinsville, N. Y. (Dr.

     606Rogers, of Columbia, Ct.), m Jane E., dau of Benj.

     F. Smith, of Granby, Oswego Co, N. Y. Had

  654+WILLIAM W., b at Granby, 13 June, 1844. Rem to Buffalo in


  655 BENJAMIN HARTSON, b 9 Feb, 1846. Rem in 1878 to Buffalo, N.

       Y.; m 12 June, 1867, Fannie, dau of Joseph Beach, of Ballston

       Spa, N. Y. She b 24 Oct, 1845, at Pompey Hill, N. Y.; no


  656 JENNIE E., b 4 Apl, 1851; m (1st) 10 Nov, 1868, C. A. Adams,

       Jr.; he d 16 Mar, 1886; m (2d) -- Apl, 1896, M. M. Freeborn,

       of Angelica, N. Y.

  657 CARRIE M., b 18 Apl, 1853; m Thos. J. Stone in 1890 and rem to

       Los Angeles, Cal.


654 WILLIAM W. (651Willard Hosmer), m 23 July, 1868,

     Hannah M., dau of Daniel J. Kelly, of Baldwinsville,

     N. Y. She b at Lysander, N. Y., 7 Nov, 1846. Had

  658 WILLARD HARTSON, b 18 June, 1873. Rem to Buffalo in 1889.

  659 WILLIAM W., b -- Jan, 1875; d. y.

  660 ANNIE, b -- Oct, 1877; d. y.


652 WILLIAM (606Dr. Rogers), m 2 Apl, 1839, Marianne

     Little, of Columbia, Ct. Had

  661 ELLEN M., b 2 Jan, 1840; d 5 July, 1873; m Henry G. Woodsworth,

       23 Apl, 1862. Had Annie P., 10 May, 1865.

  662 WILLARD W., b 4 May, 1841.

  663 ANNIE T., b 10 Sept, 1843; d 19 Dec, 1873; m 6 June, 1865, J.

       Theodore Tracy. Had John C., 3 Nov, 1870; Louis D., 3 Oct,


  664 JULIA C., b 20 May, 1848; d 7 Apl, 1851.

  665+FRANK L., b 4 Aug, 1852.

  666 ESTELLE J., b 6 Sept, 1855; m 25 July, 1881, Richard O. Lyman.

       Had Ethel E., 2 July, 1882.

  667+HARRY E., b 29 July, 1861.

Page 71


665 FRANK L., of Columbia, Ct. (652William), m Angeline

     Geddes. Had


  669 WILLIAM.

  670 FRANK.

  671 ROBERT.



667 HARRY E., of Columbia, Ct. (652William), m Emma L.

     Williams, 10 Sept, 1890. Had

  673 LEROY W., b 9 July, 1893.


637 SIMEON P. (603Shubel), m 8 Apl, 1830, Lucy, dau of

     Nathan Lee, of Lebanon. She d 30 Apl, 1864, at Norwich.


  701 SARAH S., b at Lebanon, 18 May, 1832; d 10 Feb, 1833.

  702 MARY ADELINE, at Lebanon, 3 Dec, 1833; d at Norwich, 1866.

       She m Everett Brown, of Norwich.

  703+JAMES LATHROP, b at Franklin, 9 Aug, 1838. Rem to Columbia

       in 1848.

  704 LUCY ANN, b at Windham, 7 June, 1845; d, unm. at Norwich

       in 1865.


703 JAMES L. (637Simeon P.), m 11 Mar, 1860, Adelaide L.,

     dau Asahel O. Wright, of Columbia. Had

  705 J. HORTENSE, b 15 Sept, 1861; d at Hartford, -- Jan, 1894. She

       m William P. Robertson, of Hartford.

  706 KATIE E., b 21 Jan, 1864. She m John W. Fuller, and lives at


  707 BURDETTE W., b 24 Sept, 1866. Rem to Hartford, Ct.

  708 GEORGIANA, b 24 Nov, 1869; m J. Eugene Winter, and lives at



639 JAMES AVERY, of Windham (603Shubel), m (1st) 19

     Oct, 1828, Martha, dau of William S. Frink, of Stonington,

     Ct. She b 27 Apl, 1805; d at Windham, 11

     Oct, 1850; m (2d) 1 Mar, 1854, Phebe (Wilson) Loomis,

Page 72

     dau of Jared Wilson, of Sterling and Willimantic, Ct.

     By first w had

  709 WILLIAM A., b at Windham, 30 Apl, 1830; d at Norwich, 9 May,

       1868, unm.

  710 MARTHA LOUISE, b 30 May, 1836. She m, 17 Aug, 1858, William

       A. Bonney. He b Abington, Mass., 3 Aug, 1802. Rem to

       Roxbury, Mass. Had Hattie L., 4 May, 1859, d 2 May, 1880;

       Annie E., 6 Oct, 1861; William H., 11 Aug, 1871.


       By second w had

  711 FRANK S., b at New London, 19 Aug, 1858. He m 11 Aug,

       1886 (name not given). She d 11 Jan, 1893.


Page 73


                       Brookline (Mass.) Branch.



172 DR. ELIPHALET DOWNER, of Brookline, Mass.,

     (151Joseph), m 19 June, 1766, Mary, dau of Benjamin

     and Mary Gardner, of Brookline. She b 5 June, 1738;

     bap 11th day of the same month, and d at Brookline

     in 1788. Had, all at Brookline,

  712+JOSEPH, b 28 Jan, 1767; bap 15th of Feb following. He rem to

       Cookstown (now Fayette City), Pa., of which place he was a

       first settler, and d there 14 July 1838. The circumstances of

       his going to Cookstown were as follows: Sarah Hall, whom he

       married as 2d w, owned a farm on which she lived, near

       Pittsburg. After their marriage, in company with a family by

       name of Cook, he went to Fayette Co, and took up a large tract

       of land, and, together with them, founded the town of

       Cookstown. He owned and operated a sawmill, a cotton and

       woolen mill, and also a grist mill, all of which were located

       on a stream called "Downer's Run," a tributary of the

       Youghiogeny River. He also acquired much land in Ohio, where

       the towns of Dayton and Marietta now stand. It appears that

       after his death the Ohio property passed into other hands, who,

       in consequence of some disagreement among the heirs, are said

       never received a proper title. Mr. Downer was a musician and

       organ builder of reputation, and it is said that the first pipe

       organ built west of the Alleghanies was of his own

       construction. He built altogether three organs, the first of

       which was disposed of to the Cook family, the second to the

       Brownsville Catholic Church; the third and last was retained by

       himself, and may still be seen at the home of his daughter, the

       late Mrs. John Thirkeild, at Fayette City. We are told that his

       first organ was a wonder to the people of Western Pennsylvania.

       People came from far and near to hear it played. On one

       occasion a party had come from a distance of 15 or 20 miles for

       the purpose, and seeing an old-fashioned warming pan hanging

       on the wall, asked if that was the organ. "Well," said Mr.

       Downer, "I am somewhat bashful about playing the organ

       before people, but I will take it into the next room and there


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Page 74

       play it for you," whereupon he took the warming pan, and

       such full and delightful music came back from the next room

       that the strangers were filled with amazement.

  713 MARY (Polly), b 12 Dec, 1768; bap 25th of same month; d 2

       Feb, 1785.

  714 TONNY, b 28 July, 1771; d. y.

  715+SAMUEL, b 24 July, 1773; bap the 8th of following month; d at

       Roxbury, 23 July, 1854. He began the more active and

       responsible duties of life in 1797, and continued therein

       until the mature age of eighty years. He was an active

       merchant and a successful horticulturist, and distinguished

       himself in the development of new varieties of apples, pears

       and cherries. His wife belonged to the Coffin and Gardner

       families of Nantucket, both of whom are prominently identified

       with the industrial and political interests of New England.

       He was a man of much public spirit, and to his personalefforts

       were due the restoration, preservation and beautifying of the

       cemetery of the old historic Dorchester Church, of which

       Richard Mather, the father of Increase, was pastor from 1635

       to 1669, and where he and many others of the early settlers of

       Massachusetts lie buried.

  716+JOHN, b 12 Aug, 1775; bap 20th of same month; lived at Roxbury;

       was drowned in the Monongahela River, 18 May, 1818,

       while returning from a visit to his brother Joseph, at

       Cookstown, and was buried at Elizabeth, Pa.

  717 ELIPHALET, b 13 Jan, 1777; bap 19th of same month and d 12

       July, 1778.


712 JOSEPH, of Fayette City, Pa. (172Dr. Eliphalet and

      Polly Gardner), m (1st) (???)Roberts; m (2d) 1

      Aug, 1791, Sarah Hall, who lived near Pittsburg.

      She b 22 Feb, 1774; she d at Fayette City, 23 July,

      1852. By first w had one dau, Mary, who d unm; by

      second w had

  718+GEORGE WASHINGTON, b 26 Apl, 1792. He d at Cookstown, 19

       July, 1854.

  719 JOHN, b 25 Oct, 1793. He is said to have rem (1st) to Savannah,

       O.; (2d) to Vermillion, O., and when last heard from was

       living in Portland, Ore. He was m and had one s Joseph and

       two daus, names not given. All certain trace of this family

       seems lost.

  720 SAMUEL C., b 7 Oct, 1795; d. y.

Page 75

  721 ELIPHALET, b 18 Mar, 1797; d 20 Aug, 1822, by falling from a

       window, while walking in his sleep, while at a hotel in

       Wooster, O.

  722+JAMES Cook (Captain), b 6 Apl, 1799. Rem (1st) to Hawesville,

       Ky.; d at Ocean Springs, Miss., 18 Apl, 1879. He was first

       engaged as a builder and contractor at Louisville and

       Cincinnati, but later, in about 1841-2, he engaged in the coal

       trade between Pittsburg and New Orleans. About 1844 he

       rem with his family from Hawesville, Ky., to the latter city,

       where he continued the business. In 1855 he rem to Ocean

       Springs, Miss. At the breaking out of the Mexican War, in

       1846, he raised, and was Captain of, a military company

       called "the New Orleans Blues." They enlisted with the 6th

       Louisiana Reg, for six months. While encamped on the

       Texas border, the reflection from the white sand so affected

       his eyesight that he became totally blind. He was a pensioner

       of the Mexican War. Previous to his death he was

       pressing, through the Hon. Benj. F. Butler, his own claim,

       together with the claims of others which he had bought, to a

       share of the prize money due his grandfather, Eliphalet

       Downer, from the Paul Jones appropriation made by Congress,

       but with the death of Mr. Butler the matter was

       dropped. His portrait is given on another page.

  723 JULIA A., b 7 Oct, 1801. Rem to Gordon, Kan., about 1866,

       and d there unm.

  724+SAMUEL, b 7 Jan, 1804; d 2 May, 1832.

  725 CLARISSA, b 27 Apl, 1806; m Rev. John Thompson, and rem to

       Gordon, Kan. He d in 1870, and she returned to Fayette City

       in 1876 and d there, 18 Feb, 1887. Her husband was a

       missionary to the Pottawatomie Indians in Kansas, appointed by

       the Free Will Baptists. Had (I) Sarah C., m Dr. Andrew J.

       Colvin, of near Brownsville, Pa., had Harry and James; (II)

       Amanda M., b 12 Dec, 1830, d 12 May, 1887, m 27 June, 1848,

       Theophilus M. Kramer, of Webster, Pa., had Clara A., Charles

       A., Emma, Julia E., John C. F., Caroline, Fred E., George

       W., Uriah C., Mabel C. and Alice C.; (III) Charles H.; (IV)

       George D.; (V) Maria E., m Clark Little, and lives at Wichita,

       Kan.; (VI) Laura, m Frank Yount, and rem to Colorado

       Springs, had Katherine E., John D., Roscoe G., Carrie F.,

       Julia E. Her picture is given elsewhere.

  726 LORETTA, b 30 May, 1808; d. by being burned, 30 June, 1813.

  727 MARY A., b 30 Aug, 1811; d at Fayette City, 21 Feb, 1890; m

       John Thirkeild, who was b near Brownsville, Pa., 4 Jan, 1799,

       and d at Fayette City, 5 June, 1855. Had Gerald Roscoe, m


In its original form, this page included an image.


In its original form, this page included an image.


In its original form, this page included an image.


In its original form, this page included an image.

Page 76

       Sarah J. Mullen, of Fayette City; Edmund Roberts, m in 1890

       Mary J. Snyder, of Hammondsville, O.; Amanda J., m 5 June,

       1869, James H. Moore, of Monongahela, Pa.; Joseph D., Mary

       K., Margaret E. and three others d. y. Her picture is given


  728 AMANDA CATHERINE, b 18 Dec, 1812; m David Shearer and rem

       to Fairfield, Jefferson Co, Iowa, about 1852-3, and d about

       1872. Had Sarah R., m Thomas Patterson of Fayette City; Lenora,

       m Edward Noville; Frederick; Clara, m David Beatty.

  729 ELOISA, b 22 July, 1815. She became an artist of much

       excellence and achieved considerable reputation as a portrait

       painter. She m Dr. Henry F. Roberts, who was b Dec, 1808,

       in Pittsburg, Pa., and who d in Mar, 1888, at Uniontown, Pa.

       Rem (1st) to Grand Rapids, Mich., and is now living (1899)

       with her dau Mrs. Eberhart, at Los Angeles, Cal. Her portrait

       is given elsewhere. Had Emma Helena, m James W.

       Eberhart of Pittsburg; Caroline, m John P. Booth; Maria

       Heath, m Jens E. Yikiob at St. Thomas, D. W. Indies;

       Lucy Ely, m Edward Maher, of Dublin, Ireland. Her picture

       is given elsewhere.

  730 NANCY MARIA, b 20 June, 1819; m Dr. William Egan and rem to

       Chicago. Had Josephine, m William Goodall; Alice, m Harry

       Goodall; William.


718 GEORGE W. (712Joseph), m in 1817, Mary, dau of Jeremiah

     Abbott, of Cookstown. She b 4 Jan, 1800; d at

     Cookstown, 23 Dec, 1863. Had

  731 WILLIAM MULLEN, b 26 Jan, 1819; d 6 Aug, 1841, Rem to


  732+ALBERT GALLATIN, b 21 July, 1821; still living (1899) at

       Allenport, Washington Co, Pa.

  733 AMANDA ELIZA, b 23 Jan, 1824; m Samuel C. Hill, 27 March, 1843;

       rem to Monongahela City, Pa. He b County Down, Ireland,

       15 May, 1819; came to America in 1828; rem to Pittsburg

       in 1845, later to Monongahela City in Oct, 1851. Had Isabella,

       2 Sept, 1844; Lauretta Jane, 6 July, 1846; Mary Elizabeth, 17

       Jan, 1848, d 20 June, 1858; Eliza E., 8 Sept, 1850; Samuel

       Shelby, 15 May, 1853; David T., 30 May, 1856; Robert F. B.,

       22 Sept, 1859; William C., 5 March, 1864.

  734 MARIA LOUISA BONAPARTE, b 2 Sept, 1826; m 1 Oct, 1846, James

       Masters. He d 24 Dec, 1886. Had George D., 2 Nov, 1847;

       Julia S., Feb, 1850, d. y; Sarah E., 8 Sept, 1851, d. y; John

       H., 20 March, 1856, d 30 May, 1890; Levaida, b 12 Oct, 1866.

       d 21 Dec, 1880.

Page 77

  735 JAMES THEODORE, b 2 July, 1829; d 27 Sept, 1852.

  736 ELMER HUSSEY, b 10 Nov, 1832; d 8 Jan, 1863.

  737 LAURETTA, b 24 April, 1839; d. y.


732 ALBERT G. (718George W.), m 26 Dec, 1844, Ruth

     Helen, dau of George Conkey, of Vermont. She d 1

     June, 1889. Had

  738+WILLIAM S., b 14 Jan, 1846, at Bath, Cuyahoga Co, O. Rem to

       Coal Centre, Pa.

  739+GEORGE T., b 20 May, 1848, at Fayette City. Rem to Naomi, Pa.,

       in April, 1886.

  740 LORETTA J., b 26 April, 1850; d. y.

  741 MARY V., b at Fayette City, 11 Aug, 1853; m 9 March, 1884,

       Levi Nicholas, of South Wales, Pa.; he b 30 June, 1843. Had

       Reese H., 26 April, 1886; Loretta, 16 Jan, 1890; Ora, 8 Nov,


  742 JAMES F., b 27 Sept, 1856; m Oct, 1877, Emma Thorp.

  743+JOSEPH E., b 26 Jan, 1859, at Fayette City.

  744 NANCY M., b 11 Aug, 1861.

  745 JOHN H., b 17 Dec, 1863; d 9 July, 1896.

  746 SAMUEL E., b 16 Oct, 1867.

  747 ROBERT E., b 11 May, 1871.


738 WILLIAM S., of Coal Centre (732Albert G.), m 25 Dec,

     1870, Catherine Park. Had

  748 ETHEL, b 8 Oct, 1871; m 16 Feb, 1897, Edward White, of Coal


  749 CHARLES, b 4 Oct, 1874.

  750 JAMES, b 24 Oct, 1878.

  751 WILLIAM, b 22 July, 1885.

  752 CARL, b 14 April, 1890.


739 GEORGE T., of Naomi, Pa. (732Albert G.), m 4 July,

      1870, Elizabeth, dau of Peter J. Tippin, of Naomi, Pa.

      She b at Temperanceville, Pa., 6 April, 1849. Had

  753 FRANCIS R., b 17 Sept, 1871.

  754 WILBERT M., b 13 April, 1874. He m 4 July, 1895, Pearl Watkins.

  755 GEORGE WM., b -- Oct, 1879; d 3 Feb, 1888.

  756 BERTHA G., b 1 March, 1887.


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Page 78


743 JOSEPH E. (732Albert G.), m 6 Aug, 1885, Mary E.,

      dau of William Faulkner, of Dunkirk, Ind. She b 28

      Feb, 1861, at Fayette City. Had

  757 RUTH, b 8 June, 1886.

  758 WILLIAM, b 7 July, 1888.

  759 PARK, b 16 Jan, 1891.

  760 JAMES W., b 10 April, 1893.


724 SAMUEL (712Joseph), m 12 April, 1827, Jane, dau of

      Reece Evans, of Wales, Eng. She b at Cookstown, 20

      Jan, 1808. She d at Monongahela City, 27 Nov, 1879.


  761+ELIPHALET, b 13 Jan, 1828. He rem to Monongahela City in

       1851, to Elk Co, Pa, in 1853; to Cookstown in 1860, and

       finally in 1862 returned to Monongahela City, where he d

       20 Nov, 1892.

  762+JAMES WILLIAM, b 1 May, 1829; still living (1900). Rem

      successively to Pittsburg in 1845, Monongahela in 1851,

      Pittsburg in 1856, Limetown (now Coal Bluff) in 1859,

      Monongahela in 1862, McKeesport in 1880, and Hays City, Kansas,

       in 1884. In July, 1861, joined company of volunteers (Capt.

       McBride) at Monongahela City, Pa., for service in the Civil War,

       and after being mustered in at Pittsburg, went immediately to

       the front, the company being sent to the Green River (Ky.)

       district. Was discharged in the spring of 1862 for disability,

       the result of sickness and injury. In 1864 he again volunteered,

       with rank of 1st Sergeant, in Battery E, 6th Penna. Heavy

       Artillery (Capt. Joseph Keepers), organized Sept 6, 1864,

       at Camp Reynolds, Pittsburg, Pa. On Sept 13 was

       appointed Orderly Sergeant by I. B. Copeland, Lieut. Col.

       commanding the regiment. On the same day (Sept 13) was

       appointed Second Lieut. by Andrew G. Curtin, Governor of

       Pennsylvania. Battery E was mustered into the United

       States service at Camp Reynolds, Sept 15, 1864, and remained

       in active service until mustered out at the close of the war.

  763 MARY ELIZABETH, b 4 Sept, 1830; d 22 July, 1847.

  764 SARAH JANE, b 20 April, 1832; d June, 1832.


761 ELIPHALET, of Monongahela (794Samuel), m April,

     1853, Catharine, dau of David Procia, of Siegel, Jefferson

     Co, Pa. She b 12 Feb, 1835, at Armstrong, Pa.;

Page 79

     d 2 Nov, 1883, at Monongahela. Had

  765+WILLIAM STOCKDALE, b in Elk Co, Pa., 21 Nov, 1854.

  766 MARY ELIZABETH, b 10 Feb, 1857.

  767+SAMUEL MILLER, b 12 June, 1860.

  768 SARAH JANE, b 30 July, 1862.

  769 EVE CATHERINE, b 22 Jan, 1866; m 14 July, 1892, at Monongahela

       Edwin W. Chubb. He b 25 Aug, 1865, at Lebanon, Pa. Rem

       last to Platteville, Wis., in 1865. Had Catherine, 22 Dec,

       1895; Edwin, 17 Sept, 1899.

  770 JAMES EDMUND, b 29 Jan, 1869; m 3 Apl, 1900, Jane Risher, dau

       of A. T. McAlister, of Monongahela.

  771+HARRY ROSCOE, b 14 Oct, 1873.

  772 CHARLES DEWITT, b 14 Feb, 1876. Was a member of Co. A,

       10th Penna. Vols. in the late (Spanish) war, and was in active

       service in the Philippine Islands.


765 WILLIAM STOCKDALE of Monongahela (781Eliphalet),

     m 24 Sept, 1874, at Pittsburg, Sarah Ella, dau

     of John L. Taylor, of Wheeling, W. Va. She b 1 Oct,

     1856, at Pittsburg. Had

  773 JOHN FRANK, b 2 July, 1876. He joined the 10th Penna. Vols

       in the late (Spanish) war, and was in active service in the

       Philippine Islands.

  774 SAMUEL MILLER, b 18 June, 1883.


767 SAMUEL MILLER, of Monongahela (761Eliphalet),

      m 11 Nov, 1886, Mary Ella, dau of Godfrey G. Kern,

      of Monongahela. She b 23 Aug, 1864. Had

  775 GODFREY KERN, b 19 Sept, 1887.

  776 CATHERINE PROCIA, b 4 March, 1889.

  (???) ELIPHALET, b 21 June, 1897.


771 HARRY ROSCOE, of Monongahela (761Eliphalet), m

     23 Nov, 1898, Henrietta, dau of Thomas Pollock, of

     Monongahela. She b 1 Mar, 1875. Had

  (???) TOM POLLOCK, b 9 Feb, 1900.


762 JAMES WILLIAM of Hays City, Kan. (794Samuel), m

     2 Oct, 1850, Nancy Richardson, dau of James McCaslin.


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      of Pittsburg. She b 19 Jan, 1830. Had

  777 SAMUEL MILLER, b 6 Aug, 1851; d by accident 6 April, 1858.

  778 ELIPHALET BELL, b 16 March, 1853; d 21 March, 1854.

  779 MARY ELIZABETH, b 4 Jan, 1855; d 16 July, 1869.

  780 LAURA IDA, b 23 June, 1857; m Tom Gibson, of Brooklyn,

       N. Y., 18 May, 1893. Rem to Brooklyn, 1888. Had Laura

       C., 3 Aug, 1894.

  781 EMMA MAY, b 24 Feb, 1860. Rem to Brooklyn, N. Y., 1888.

  782+JAMES WILLIAM, b 20 Feb, 1863. Rem to McKeesport, Pa.,

       1880; to Brooklyn, N. Y., 1888. For ten years was private

       secretary to Mr. E. C. Converse, vice-president and general

       manager National Tube Works Company (now National Tube

       Company). In 1895 he created and organized the foreign

       department of that company and was appointed manager of its

       foreign department, with headquarters in New York and London.

       In 1898 he rem to London, England.


782 JAMES WILLIAM, of McKeesport, Brooklyn, N. Y.,

     and London, Eng. ( 762James William), m 12 Jan, 1892,

     Elizabeth Mozetta, dau of William Nolan Robbins, of

     McKeesport. She b 25 Aug, 1868, at Robbins,

     Westmoreland Co, Pa. Had


  783 ELIZABETH, b 8 Nov, 1893.

  784 EMMA, b 12 June, 1895.

  (???) DOROTHY, b London, Eng., 12 Feb, 1900.


722 JAMES COOK, of Ocean Spring, Miss. ( 712Joseph), m

     (1st) Mary Stroyer, of Uniontown, Pa.; m (2d) in 1832,

     Catherine Mary Catlin (widow), dau (???) Tibbells, of

     Cincinnati, O. She b at Baltimore, Md., 27 June, 1800;

     d 10 Oct, 1868, near Summit, Miss. By first w had


  801 JOHN HENRY, b (???); d about 1844 at Hawesville, Ky.

  802 ALONZO, b (???); rem to Kansas.

  803 LEONORA.


      By second w had


  804 RIALDO JAMES VIRGIL, b Quincy, Ill., 25 Dec, 1835; d unm 12

       May, 1862. In 1853 he joined a party of 250 of so called

       "Emigrants" and sailed for Nicaragua, where he was detailed

Page 81

       to the navy of Gen'l William Walker. He was attached to the

       sloop "Granada," Capt. J. C. Fassoux. Rialdo sighted the

       gun which blew up the magazine of the Costa Rican "Duze

       DeAvril," and was promoted. His time expiring he sought

       Gen'l Walker, who was then besieged at Rivas, for a discharge,

       but was captured, carried to Costa Rico and released on his

       promise to leave the country. In the Civil War in 1861, while

       living at Summit, Pike Co, Miss., Rialdo aided in forming the

       "McNair Rifles" and was chosen Orderly Sergeant. His

       company was attached to Major Hardcastle's Third Battalion

       (Mississippi troops), and sent to Bowling Green, Ky., and was

       engaged at Shiloh. On the first day of the battle Capt. McNair

       was killed, also the First Lieutenant. On the second

       day, owing to the absence of the other officers, he (Rialdo)

       commanded the company in a charge against the Federals

       and was badly wounded. The Major rewarded his gallantry

       by presenting him a Captain's sword, which had been captured

       from the enemy. This sword is now preserved by his

       brother, the Rev. Robt. B. Downer, at Vossburg, Miss. Thirty

       days after the battle he died at his brother's home in

       Vossburg and lies buried near McComb City.

  805+ROBERT BARNES, b at Evansville, Ind., 28 Feb, 1838, while his

       parents were en route from New Orleans to Louisville, Ky.

       His mother had been brought up a Roman Catholicin Baltimore,

       but just previous to his birth had been converted to

       Protestantism and devoutly consecrated her boy to the

       ministry. He was educated in the New Orleans public schools,

       but being injured by a buggy accident, causing the use of cane

       and crutch for life, his education was completed by private

       tutors. In 1858 he was admitted for trial in the Mississippi

       annual conference, ordained Deacon 1860, Presiding Elder in

       1862, and has continued to preach in the southern half of

       Mississippi and the Florida parishes of Louisiana until the

       present time. He has lived at Ocean Springs and other places

       in Mississippi, and is now at Vossburg. He has in his

       possession a valuable relic, a sword which belonged to his g g

       f Dr. Eliphalet Downer, of Rev. War fame. The Doctor, before

       his death, gave the sword to a friend in trust for her son.

       The son grew to manhood, but not being deemed worthy of such a

       treasure he never received it. Upon the death of the mother,

       her dau, a maiden lady, fell heir to the sword, and for forty

       years steadfastly refused all offers to part with it, until

       Mr. James C. Downer, the father of the Rev. Robert B.,

       persuaded her to sell it to him for $20 in gold.

  806 IMOGENE, b 1840; d. y.

  807 MARGARET C., b 1842; d. y.

Page 82

805 REV. ROBERT BARNES, of Vossburg (722James C.),

     m 20 Nov, 1866, Jane Holbrook, dau of Jonte Equen,

     of Baltimore. She b 16 Aug, 1840. Had

  808 SAMUEL HARRY, b at Summit, Pike Co, Miss., 23 Sept, 1867; d. y.

  809 KATE LOUISA, b at New Orleans, 24 June, 1869; m 27 Dec, 1888,

       Dr. Harman H. Barlow.

  810 NETTIE WESSON, b at Wesson, Miss., 15 Dec, 1870; d. y.

  811 SUSAN VIRGINIA, b at New Orleans, 25 Dec, 1873; m 11 July,

       1893, Augustus Cooley, of Ellisburg, Miss.

  812 ROBERT EDWIN, b at Biloxi, Miss., 18 Jan, 1876. He m 8 Aug,

       1897, Mattie J., dau of Thos. G. Vining, of Crystal Springs.

       Miss. She b at Bolton, Miss., 11 July, 1880.

  813 FRANK ARTHUR, b at Newton, Miss., 23 Apl, 1878; d. y.

  814 CHARLES EQUEN, b at Ocean Springs, 2 July, 1882.


715 SAMUEL, of Boston and Dorchester (172Eliphalet and

     w Mary G.), m 4 June, 1806, Catherine, dau of Cyrus

     Ayres, of Dorchester. Had

  815+SAMUEL, b 8 Mar, 1807; d at Dorchester, 20 Sept, 1881.{(*)}


{(*)}The name of Samuel Downer, of Boston, was identified with the

development of one of the greatest industries of the century, and to

him, as much as to any other one man, was due the rapid introduction

of mineral oil illuminations; nor was he altogether a man of business.

Like his father, he was public spirited and found time to interest

himself in the affairs of his city and country. Among his intimate

friends were Horace Mann, Charles Sumner, John P. Hale, Rev. Theodore

Parker, Dr. Samuel G. Howe, his w Julia Howe, and others prominent

in New England in his time. He was from the first actively identified

with the Free Soil party, which in 1848 was formed to resist the

encroachments of slavery, being led thereto by the shameful treatment

which William Lloyd Garrison and his friends received in Boston. He

drew up the resolutions passed at the meeting in Dorchester which was

called to choose delegates to the Buffalo convention, at which the

party was formally organized, and at which Martin Van Buren and

Charles Francis Adams were nominated for President and Vice-President.

In 1887 Mr. Downer conceived the idea of having a reunion of the old

leaders who had lived to see the full fruition of their labors in

freeing the nation from slavery, and in accordance therewith he sent

out 220 invitations for a gathering to be held at his summer home at

Downer's Landing, Boston Harbor. Nearly all the invitations were

accepted and the occasion proved of great interest. Mr. Downer

presided at the dinner and delivered an address replete with interest

to the student of history. Charles Francis Adams, E. Rockwood Hoar and

others followed with characteristic speeches, and a telegram of

greeting was received from the poet, John G. Whittier. A full report

of the reunion has been published and copies are preserved by his



Page 83

  816 ANN CATHERINE, (???). She m W. R. Austin, of Dorchester

       and Boston. Had Catherine, b 13 Aug, 1832; Clara A., b 24

       July, 1838; Samuel, b June, 1846.

  817 ELIPHALET, (???); d. y.

  818 POLLY; d aged 16.


815 SAMUEL, of Dorchester (715Samuel), m 13 Oct, 1836,

     Nancy Melville, dau of Capt John DeWolf and g dau

     of Major Thomas Melville, of Rev. War fame.


     The latter was a member of the historic Boston Tea Party. The

      story is told that he was disguised as an Indian, and on his

      return to his own house a quantity of tea fell out of his shoes

      as he took them from his feet. One of his daughters swept


The business career of Samuel is of interest. When 21 years of age

his father took him into the firm. In 1844 his father retired and he

carried on alone the business of manufacturing sperm and whale oil,

and sperm candles. About 1854 his attention was called to the hydro-

carbon oils. He spent much time and money in inventions which were

designed for refining these oils. Indifferent financial success

attended his efforts until the discovery of the Pennsylvania and West

Virginia oil wells furnished such an abundant supply of crude

petroleum that he and his associates were able to place a refined

illuminating oil in the market at such a low price that made it at

once immensely popular. The price dropped from $1.15 per gallon,

wholesale, to 25 cents retail. They soon had a monopoly of the

business. It was soon determined to manufacture the oil at the source

of supply, and in 1861 he organized the "Downer Kerosene Oil" Company

of Boston, New York and Corry, of which he was elected the president.

Going out to Pennsylvania, in company with W. H. L. Smith, he "roughed

it" in the oil-producing regions for six years. Corry, a town founded

and named by themselves, was chosen as the base of operations. The

life and the excitement were congenial to the new president. The

popular oil fever raged with extraordinary severity. The country was

full of prospectors--strong, athletic, good-natured men--each of whom

carried from one to fifty thousand dollars in his pockets. This money

changed hands once a week or oftener. The proprietors were well armed

with revolvers and bowie-knives and did not hesitate to use them as

occasion required. Tramps were numerous and sometimes dangerous. Mr.

Downer was an exception to the general rule. His credit being good

along the whole line of operations, he carried but little money and

no weapons. He was, however, on one occasion mistakenly arrested as a

deserter from the United States army by a Pittsburg police officer,

who was in quest of two runaways, one of whom had just been taken.

The other resembled Mr. Downer, whose personal appearance at the

moment of arrest was not particularly prepossessing. He was in the

third day of his journey from Oil City to Titusville. His clothing was

soiled, and he had "curled up" under a tree and was fast asleep, when

the officer awoke him and inquired if he had seen another man about

there. The drowsy but curt reply was that he had not; whereupon the

officer arrested him and he was not released until he had submitted

his papers, pocketbook, &c., to the officer's inspection.



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Page 84

      up and preserved the accumulation, which for many years has

      been in the charge of Chief Justice Shaw and his descendants.

      Major Melville was further distinguished as the last wearer of

      the old-fashioned cocked hat. Only three of these antique

      articles were known, in Boston, to be in existence some sixty

      years ago. One of them was worn by a gentleman named

      Eaton, and another by a prominent political writer known as

      "Honey" Austin, from his nom de plume of "Honestus."

      Melville survived both, and thus became the last wearer of

      the universally discarded headgear. His hat is now in

      possession of his g dau, Mrs. Downer. Major Melville entered

      upon active military service at the commencement of the

      Revolution, and was afterwards appointed Naval Officer of

      the Port of Boston by President Washington. He continued

      to discharge the duties of that office under the administration

      of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Monroe and John

      Quincy Adams, and was at length relieved, at a very advanced

      age, when General Jackson assumed the Chief Magistracy

      of the Republic.




  819 SAMUEL, b in Boston, 28 Oct, 1837; d. y., at Brighton, Mass.

  820 MARY CATHERINE, b at Boston, 24 May, 1839; m 25 July, 1861,

       Malcolm Cuyler Greene. He b at Bellevue, O., 26 Apl, 1837.

       Lives at Dorchester. Had Samuel Cuyler, 17 Sept, 1862;

       Malcolm D'Wolf, 5 Aug, 1864; Mary Katherine, 9 July, 1870.

  821 ANNE CECILIA, b 6 Sept, 1841; d 9 Sept, 1896, at Vitznow,

       Switzerland; m 4 Sept, 1862, George C. de Marini. He b at Paris,

       France, in Nov, 1830; was a resident at St. Petersburg for a

       term of years as dentist to the royal family; rem later to

       Paris, where he now resides. Had Mary Melville, b at New York,

       2 Jan, 1864, m 1885, John A. Oldenburg, and rem to Finlayson,

       Minn.; Edward Maynard, b 3 Mar, 1867; Alice M., 9 Nov,


  822 GERTRUDE MELVILLE, b 26 Sept, 1844; m 26 May, 1864, James

       D. Scudder, of Boston. He b at Osterville, Mass., 10 Oct,

       1841; d at Hingham, Mass,, 11 May, 1896. Had (I) Mary

       Pamela, 6 Feb, 1869, m 9 Oct, 1884, George B. Glidden, of

       Boston, had James H., 18 Sept, 1885; George H., 23 Dec,

       1887, d. y., Gertrude, 6 Oct, 1894; (II) Gertrude (twin), 6 Feb,

       1869, d. y.

  823 MARION GARDNER, b 27 Mar, 1848; m James B. Littig, of Mew

       York, 25 May, 1871, and rem to that city. He b 6 May, 1840,

       in Baltimore Co, Md. Had Harriet Bond, b 5 Jan, 1873;

       Mary Langsdorf, 18 June, 1874; Marion Downer, b 28 Nov,

       1879, at Garden City, L. I.

  824 HORACE MANN, b 28 May, 1850; d. y.

Page 85

  825 ALICE D'WOLF, b 14 Aug, 1852, m 16 Sept, 1873, Alex Pope, of

       Dorchester. He b 25 Mar, 1849. He is an artist of distinction,

       and lives in Dorchester. Had Samuel D., 10 Dec, 1875;

       Charlotte D'Wolf, 19 Nov, 1878; Benjamin Cushing, 27 Feb,

       1887, d. y.

  826 MABEL RICHMOND, b 21 May, 1856; m 29 Nov, 1876, William

       Carroll Pope, of Dorchester, where he was b 8 May, 1847. He

       is cousin to Alexander Pope above. Had Allan Melville, 24

       Nov, 1879; Bayard Foster, 7 Oct, 1887.


716 JOHN, of Brookline, Mass. (172Eliphalet),m 9 Nov, 1800,

     Catherine, dau of William Wyman, of Roxbury. She

     b 9 Nov, 1780, and d at Roxbury, 8 Apl, 1846. Her

     father was a Rev. War soldier. Had

  827 CATHERINE, b 20 Mar, 1803; d 9 Feb, 1888. She m 19 Aug, 1838,

       William Hancock, of Boston. He b at Roxbury, 19 Jan, 1794;

       d at Cambridge, 10 Mar, 1861. Had Anna Catherine, 23 Feb,

       1841. She m 18 June, 1866, Kilby Page, of Boston; had

       Katherine Mary, 15 Apl, 1871; Annie Dana, 28 Mar, 1875;

       Elizabeth Hancock, 15 Sept, 1880. The portrait of

       (827Catherine) appears on another page.

  828 MARY GARDNER, b 20 Aug, 1801; d 14 Sept, 1855, at Beverly, N.

       J. She m (1st) Loring Tiffany, of South Bromfield, Mass., 1

       Jan, 1823; m (2d) -- Jan, 1832, Paul Farnum, of Philadelphia.

       He b 7 Dec, 1788; d 18 Oct, 1859. Rem to Beverly, N. J. By

       first husband had (I) William L., 2 Oct, 1824, m Lydia

       Tomlinson, of Philadelphia, and lives at Boston. By second

       husband had (II) James Edward, b 1 May, 1833, d at Philadelphia,

       13 May, 1884, m 29 Sept, 1865, Eliza Leiper Smith, of

       Chester, Pa.; had Paul, James E., George L., Elizabeth F.,

       Mary D. He built and endowed the Farnum School at Beverly,

       N. J., which has since been transferred to the custody of

       the State.



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Page 86

                          Sharon (Vt.) Branch.



204 ANDREW, of Norwich (153Andrew), m 10 Mar, 1754,

     Mary, dau of Stephen Brown, of Windham, Ct. She

     b 1736; d 1 July, 1809. Had

  829+ZACCHEUS, b at Norwich, 13 Nov, 1755. Rem (1st) to Sharon;

       (2d) to Springfield, Otsego Co, N. Y.; (3d) to New Lisbon, in

       samecounty; and finally to Utica, N. Y., where he d 17 July,

       1851. He was in the Vermont Rev. War service, and received

       a pension; was for many years Justice of the Peace at New

       Lisbon; was much respected as a citizen, and was an occasional

       contributor on political subjects, to the Freeman's Journal of


  830+JASON, b at Norwich, 21 Dec, 1756. Rem to Lebanon, N. H.,

       and became a wealthy and leading citizen; d at Lebanon, 15

       Sept, 1841.

  831+FREDERICK (???). Rem to Hartford, Vt.

  832+JOHN, b 1770-1, at Coventry, Ct. Rem (1st) to Sharon, Vt., and

       about 1820 to West Hartford, Vt.; d 9 Apl, 1863, at Woodstock,


  833+THOMAS BROWN, b at Coventry, 1 Sept, 1773; d at Waterbury,

       Vt., 31 Aug, 1851. He rem to Stowe, Vt., in 1808. Was the

       first physician there, and became a prominent citizen,

       representing the town in many official capacities.

  834 SUSAN; m (1st) Dr. James Taylor, of Stowe, Vt. He b 5 Nov,

       1779, d at Stowe, 17 Dec, 1806; (2d) m 17 Jan, 1809, Ezra

       Wilkins, of Stowe. By (1st) husband had Harriet, b 25 Aug,

       1803, d. y; James B., 30 Mar, 1805; Clara, 2 Feb, 1807, m

       (1st) Phineas Parkhurst, (2d) (???) Wood.


829 ZACCHEUS, of Sharon, Vt. (204Andrew), m 30 Jan,

     1782, Bethiah, dau of Uriah Brigham, of Coventry, Ct.

     She b 14 July, 1757; d at New Lisbon, N. Y., 20

     July, 1838. Had, all b at Sharon except last,

  835+NORMAN, b 25 Oct, 1782; d at Utica, 25 Jan, 1854.

Page 87

  836 DON, b 25 Feb, 1784; d 25 Mar, 1850.

  837 JEANNETTE, b 30 Mar, 1786; d 5 Mar, 1854. She m (1st) (???)

       Blood; (2d) (???) Reed.

  838+DANA, b 4 July, 1788. Rem to Utica, N. Y., and d there, 22

       Sept, 1863.

  839 MARY, b 17 May, 1791. She m Uriah Kimball. Rem to Wisconsin

       and d there, 9 Apl, 1830.

  840+ANDREW OTIS, b 25 July, 1796. Rem (1st) to Springfield, N. Y.,

       (2d) to New Lisbon, N. Y., (3d) to Utica, N. Y., in 1824, and

       (4th) to Detroit, Mich., in 1855, and d there, 3 June, 1876.

  841+ZACCHEUS, b at Springfield or New Lisbon, 8 Mar, 1799. Rem

       (1st) to Perrysburg, N. Y., and in Nov, 1864, to Sullivan, Ind.,

       where he d in Sept, 1876.


830 JASON, of Lebanon, N. H. (204Andrew), m Esther, dau

     of Solomon West and Abigail Strong, of Tolland, Ct.

     She b 17 Mar, 1754; d at Sharon, Vt., 30 Jan, 1816.


  842 ANNE, 18 Aug, 1782; m Ephraim Partridge, of Norwich, Ct.

  843+SOLOMON, 13 June, 1784; d at Sharon, 18 Oct, 1860. He was

       widely known as an enterprising and successful business man;

       was largely concerned in real estate transactions and

     accumulated a large property.

  844 LUCY, (???), 1785; d 26 Mar, 1787.

  845+ERASTUS, 17 Dec, 1790; d at Wilson, N. Y., 30 Nov, 1869.

  846 JASON, (???), 1791; d 2 June, 1801.

  847 LARKIN, (???), 1796; d 27 July, 1802.


831 FREDERICK, of Hartford, Vt. (204Andrew), m Lucy

     Williams. Had

  848 MARY, b at Sharon, 26 Apl, 1807. She m Henry Simmons, of

       Woodstock, and rem to New York City.

  849+HORACE, b -- Sept, 1808. Rem (1st) to Windsor, Vt., and in

       1845 to Monticello, Ia. He was a Sergeant in the Eighteenth

       Iowa Infantry in the Civil War and d 6 Nov, 1862, at

       Springfield, Mo.

  850 LUCY, b 18 Aug, 1813; d in 1828.

Page 88

849 HORACE, of Monticello, Ia. (831Frederick, of Sharon),

     m Ruth L., dau of Stephen Richardson, of Sharon.

     She b 11 Aug, 1809; d at Hartford, Vt.

     (This family deserves special mention for the part they took in

      the Civil War, the father and three of his sons having

     enlisted.) Had

  851 STEPHEN, b 1832; d. y.

  852 EMILY E., b at Hartford, Vt., 26 Sept, 1833; m 6 Dec, 1858,

       Isaac Orcutt, of Monticello, Ia. Had Ella, 6 Sept, 1860; Leslie,

       3 Aug, 1862; Orville, 6 May, 1865; Elmer, 12 Jan, 1867; Ray,


  853 HORACE M., b 27 May, 1835, at Hartford, Vt., and lives unm at

       Castle Grove, Ia. He enlisted 18 Nov, 1861, in the 3d Iowa.

       The regiment was engaged guarding railroads in northern

       Mo., until March of next year, when it was sent to Pittsburg

       Landing. He was engaged at battle of Shiloh; was wounded

       twice on Apl 6th, first in right shoulder, second by a bullet

       through left arm above elbow; was sent to the Keokuk

       Hospital and discharged 28 Nov, 1862.

  854 ELIZA J., b 1840; d. y.

  855 ELLEN M., b at Hardwick, Vt., 3 July, 1841; m Wm. D. Boswell.

       He b Union, N. Y.; no issue.

  856+WILLIAM H., b at Hardwick, Vt., 6 Apl, 1843. Rem in 1868 to

       Forest City, Minn., later to Spokane, Wash. He was a soldier

       in the Civil War, having enlisted in the 3d Iowa.

  857 JOANNA M., b at Woodstock, Vt., 28 Jan, 1845; m 7 Jan, 1868,

       John M. McLaughlin, of Monticello. He b at Whitehall, N.

       Y. Had Frederick, 20 Oct, 1869.

  858 DANIEL B., b 15 Mar, 1846.; d at Macon, Ga., 13 Aug, 1862. He

       enlisted at Hopkinsville, Ky., while at school there and

       only 16 years of age. Was at the battles of Fort Donelson

       and Shiloh. His regiment was the Twelfth Iowa, which, with

       the brigade to which it belonged, was captured Apl 6 at

       Shiloh. After being moved to several places he was finally

       placed at Macon, Ga., where he d in Oct, 1862.

  859 FRANCES, b 16 Sept, 1849; m 28 Feb, 1883, William Wales, of

       Monticello. He b 2 Jan, 1854, in New Hampshire. Had

       Nellie, 11 Aug, 1884; Frederick, 26 Dec, 1886; William, 18

       Apl, 1888; Daniel, 28 Jan, 1890.

  860 ALMIRA, b 19 Mar, 1852; m 28 Dec, 1876, John McLaughlin. He

       b at Monticello, 30 June, 1846. had Frank, 5 Aug, 1878;

Page 89

       William, 26 Aug, 1880; John, 17 Jan, 1882; Richard, 13 June,

       1885; Clarence, 3 Nov, 1887; Minnie, 9 July, 1890; Eugene, 26

       Sept, 1892.


856 WILLIAM H., of Forest City, Minn. (849Horace), m

     17 Oct, 1866, Ella, dau of William Richardson, of

     Forest City, Minn. Had

  861 FRANCES, b 10 Sept, 1868; d 1896.

  862 THOMAS, b 28 Jan, 1876.

  863 DANIEL, b 11 Aug, 1870.

  864 MARY L., b 8 May, 1889.

  865 RUTH, b 5 Mar, 1890.


832 JOHN, of Sharon and West Hartford, Vt. (204 Andrew),

     m 3 Nov, 1795, Hannah, dau of Eliphaz Hunt, of

     Coventry, Ct. She b 30 Sept, 1774, and d about 1842.

     Had, all b at Sharon, Vt.,

  866 RUTH, b 8 Jan, at Woodstock, 1797; d 23 Jan, 1833, m 5 Oct,

       1819, Judge David Pierce, of Woodstock, Vt. Had John D.,

       1 Aug, 1820, d. y.; Jason B., 13 Dec, 1821, rem to Cal.; Maria

       m, 21 June, 1824, d 6 May, 1892.

  867 HANNAH, b at Sharon 6 Nov, 1798; m 11 Apl, 1826, Lucius Hazen.

       of West Hartford. He was s of Asa Hazen, of Hartford, Vt.,

       and was born in Feb, 1801; d 25 Aug, 1861, at Newbury, Vt.

       Had (I) Francis, 28 Apl, 1829, d. y.; (II) Lucius, b 19 Jan,

       1834, m 12 June, 1861, Orinda G. Kimball, of McIndoes Falls,

       Vt., and is the postmaster at St. Johnsbury, Vt.; (III) L.

       Tracy, b 11 July, 1836, m in 1864, E. Frances Johnson, of

       Newbury, and lives at Melrose, Mass.; (IV) H. Maria, b 31

       July, 1841, m Dr. Henry Newell, of St. Johnsbury.

  868 JASON, b 7 June, 1801; d in Mobile, Ala., about 1840. He had

       s Charles, b 1832, who went as second officer in one of the

       first Cuban expeditions and d in 1857; also a dau Louisa, m

       (???) Goodman, of Mobile.

  869+STEPHEN STILES, b 7 Sept, 1803; m Caroline C. Wade. He d at

        Hartford, Vt., in 1885.


869 STEPHEN STILES, of West Hartford (832 John), m

     Caroline, dau of James Wade, of West Hartford. Had

  870 JASON (???). Went to Washington, D. C.


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Page 90

  871 JOHN (???). Rem to Cal. and d there.

  872 GEORGE, (???); d about 1889.

  873 WILLIAM (???). Was killed in the Civil War.

  874 JANE (???); d many years since.

  875 HANNAH (???); d about 1889.


833 DR. THOMAS BROWN, of Stowe, Vt. (204Andrew), m

     (1st) Phebe Wilkins; she d 20 July, 1807; m (2d)

     Susannah Russell; she d at Stowe, 15 Nov, 1826; m

     (3d) Abigail Savage, of Hartford, Vt. Had

  901 JOHN, b 13 Nov, 1798; d 16 July, 1803.

  902 CLARISSA, b 23 Feb, 1800; m Lyman Smith, of Warren, Vt.; d

       4 Nov, 1883.

  903 GEORGE, b 17 Sept, 1801; d 23 July, 1803.

  904 HIRAM, b 31 Aug, 1804; d 30 Oct, 1811.

  905+JOHN BROWN, b 8 July, 1811; d at Wabasha, Minn., 20 Oct, 1882.

        After living successively at Stowe, Vt., Johnson, Vt., Jay,

        N. Y., he rem finally to Wabasha, Minn., where he became

        prominent. He represented large business interests, held many

        town offices, was especially instrumental in establishing a

        good school system, was a State representative, and in 1865

        was appointed receiver of the U. S. Land Office at St. Peter.

  906+GEORGE DANA, b 20 Oct, 1815; d 1840.

  907+THOMAS, b 9 Mar, 1818 lives at Stowe, Vt.

  908 JARED PARKHURST, b 20 June, 1822; d unm, 7 Feb, 1851.


835 NORMAN, of Utica (829Zaccheus), m 18 Feb, 1807,

     Phebe, dau of Bezaleel Davis, of Sharon, Vt.; she d

     17 Mar, 1845; m (2d) Laura Gregory, of Hanover, N.

     H., 7 Feb, 1841. Had by first w

  909 DON SEBASTIAN, b 29 Dec, 1807; m in Nov, 1830, Lucinda Ford;

       d 16 Nov, 1853.

  910 LOVINA, b 9 Feb, 1810; m 9 Jan, 1832, Abel Newel, of Sharon.

  911+NORMAN S., b 27 Sept, 1812. Rem to Utica, N. Y., and d there,

       27 Sept, 1851.

  912 JOHN, b 30 Nov, 1813; d in Nov, 1834.

  913+CHARLES, b at Chelsea, Vt., 18 June, 1815. Rem to Utica with

       his parents, 9 May, 1826, and became a well known citizen

       there. He was an exemplary Christian man, having been